Old Time Kitchen Volume 1: Meats, Vegetables, and More Antique Recipes

Old Time Kitchen Volume 1 is released!
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The ultimate retro cookbook filled with hundreds of antique recipes restored for future generations.

Before the supermarket, online ordering, and celebrity chefs, people created delicious meals in an old-time kitchen. The CGR Publishing Restoration Workshop and World’s Fair historian Mark Bussler presents a curated collection of old-fashioned recipes for cooks and chefs of all skill levels looking to travel back into culinary time. Features:

  • More than 800 antique recipes
  • Valuable butchery and carving techniques
  • Easy starter recipes like soups and vegetable preparation
  • Advanced recipes, pickling, confectionary, and more
  • Sections on meats, vegetables, brewing, pies, collaring, puddings, and more
  • Antique home remedies
  • Full-size 8 1/2" x 11" pages
  • Old fashioned weathered type font
  • Restored, old-time illustrations

The modern food and beverage industry dates back to the displays of canning and preserves at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. What was new and life-changing for visitors to the Columbian Exposition has, more than a century later, sterilized modern cooking practices and damaged both flavor and the environment.

“Before you could buy your chicken breast plastic wrapped on styrofoam, you would learn to cook the entire chicken and not waste anything. Not only does it taste better, but it also leaves nothing to waste.”

Based on a 19th-century manuscript restored and edited by the CGR Publishing Restoration Workshop (Dante’s Inferno: Retro Hell-Bound Edition, Milton’s Paradise Lost: Gustave Doré Retro Restored Edition,) the Old Time Kitchen antique cook book restores and preserves more than 500 classic recipes of meats, vegetables, puddings, confectionaries, wines, pickles, herbs, made meals, and more.

“What I find most fun about the Old Time Kitchen series is the diversity of recipes based on simple ingredients. Long before people could just shop for whatever they wanted at the local grocery store, they had to live on what foods and herbs were available. So the recipes range from good ‘ole fashioned family cooking fare to downright bizarre and experimental by today’s standards. Some really incredible dishes are included in this restored antique cookbook destined to be your family favorites. But, I also dare readers to try the turnip wine recipe and pickled ox palates.”– Bussler

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: How to Cook
Chapter 2: Boiling in General
Chapter 3: Roasting in General
Chapter 4: Baking
Chapter 5: Broiling
Chapter 6: Frying
Chapter 7: Stewing
Chapter 8: Hashing & Mincing
Chapter 9: Fricasseeing
Chapter 10: Ragoos
Chapter 11: Gravies, Cullises, & Other Sauces
Chapter 12: Made Dishes
Chapter 13: Vegetables & Roots
Chapter 14: Puddings
Chapter 15: Pies
Chapter 16: Pancakes & Fritters
Chapter 17: Tarts & Puffs
Chapter 18: Cheesecakes & Custards
Chapter 19: Cakes, Biscuits, Etc
Chapter 20: The Art of Confectionary
Chapter 21: Pickling
Chapter 22: Collaring
Chapter 23: Potting
Chapter 24: Curing Various Kinds of Meats, Sousings, Etc.
Chapter 25: Methods of Keeping Vegetables, Fruits, Etc.
Chapter 26: Possets, Gruels, Etc.
Chapter 27: Made Wines
Chapter 28: Cordial Waters
Chapter 29: The Art of Carving
Chapter 30: Home Remedies and Old Time Life Hacks

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